B2B sales and marketing trends for 2023


B2B in ‘23? Here are the sales and marketing trends to keep your eye on.

1. Doing more with less

We can’t get away from it – things feel a bit gloomy at the moment. Purse strings are getting tighter as inflation soars and recession looms, so even the most agile of businesses will need to get creative to stay on the radar. 

But it’s a good opportunity to get inventive. B2B customers are still human, and with brands embracing new channels like TikTok, along with tried and tested lead drivers such as email, they’re able to reach new audiences in meaningful ways – without breaking the bank.

2. Automation, engage

Automation doesn’t take the magic out of what you do – it allows you to focus on what you’re best at. Getting software to manage the time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks actually makes you more efficient as it leaves less room for error, and gives you more time to get creative with your sales and marketing initiatives.

Our lightning-fast database uses multiple sources to ensure up-to-the-minute accurate data for your outbound sales campaigns. 

No more trawling through old spreadsheets, or manually scouring LinkedIn to send messages one at a time – just more time to spend on building connections and closing deals.

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3. Viva las Video

78% of marketers say video content directly increases sales for their business. So if you’ve been holding back on embracing the motion picture, now’s the time to rethink. 

As we touched on above, buyers increasingly want the brands they engage with to be authentic, and digital channels such as YouTube are a great way to do this (it can also help with SEO, so win-win). 

Is your product or service hard to explain? A short demo video will provide some context. Got a happy client? Get them to talk about their successes on camera. Done right, video is a powerful tool for B2B sales reps and marketers – and it shows no signs of stopping in 2023. 

4. Pump up the value

Stop trying to sell. Yes. you heard that right. The hard sell is a thing of the past in these economic times – B2B buyers want real value before they part with their money.

Value isn’t just about price. It’s about identifying your prospects’ needs and challenges and tailoring your solution to them. As customers’ buying power decreases, they’ll be more hesitant before committing to a brand – so highlight the benefits of your product/service rather than the features.

5. Multiverse of channels

Thanks to an ever-expanding array of digital channels, the B2B buying cycle is longer than ever. Customers prefer to carry out their own research online before buying a product or service, making for an extended sales funnel. 

You never know where potential customers are hiding. By being present on multiple channels, you can capture someone’s attention more frequently. Maybe they’re not lovers of social media, but they do enjoy a podcast. Or someone who neglects their email inbox might prefer to read a blog. Having multiple bases covered – and doing them well – will help you reach prospects at the right time and in the right way. But remember, your sales and marketing teams will need to be closely aligned in order to smash a multi-channel approach. 

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Written by:
Colette Hagan-Young Content Writer