Outbase for
Marketing Teams

Outbase helps you discover prospects and build campaigns to deliver a consistent source of qualified leads.

Increase lead generation with
intelligent prospecting

Outbase helps you discover prospects and build campaigns to deliver a consistent source of qualified leads.

The platform’s rich dataset allows you to identify the exact customers you want to target and build hyper-focused campaign sequencing that works. Smart notifications and real-time dashboards with industry benchmarking allow you to further improve results.

Marketers are free to deliver campaigns, optimise wider performance and test new messaging and markets.

This is prospecting made smart.

Find ideal customers and test new markets

Our rich dataset allows you to pinpoint your ideal customers and find new markets.

Easily segment and queue audiences to design highly targeted campaigns.

Test messaging variations for specific campaigns, sectors and roles.

Quick to deploy - support existing lead generation activities at speed.

Build intelligent campaigns

Easily deploy proven message sequences and create hyper-focused campaigns based on trigger events or characteristics.

Test and optimise copy with our advanced spam checker.

Copywriting support is available via a global network of specialist prospecting writers.

Our compliance hub provides extensive support.

Optimise your sales process

Provide a consistent flow of leads directly to nominated salespeople.

Deal Navigator ensures sales have all collateral in one central user-friendly location.

Deliver a low cost per acquisition.

Access in-depth, real-time reporting with national industry benchmarks.

Skyrocket your sales.

Powerful B2B sales engagement you control

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Take the Outbase product tour

Take a tour of the platform and discover how Outbase has been built to drive more revenue. Easily find your ideal customers, build intelligent campaigns, and optimise your sales pipeline.