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Brand Assets

On this page you’ll find our brand guidelines as well as downloadable assets that you can use in your own work, and instructions on how to properly use them.

Our Fonts

What fonts to use?

If you want to follow our branding style you would use: Montserrat and Lato. Always try to use font colors that would provide a good contrast against the background color.

Never use Outbase orange as a font color.



Montserrat is used for headers, titles and anytime you want to accent or point attention. Line height and paragraph spacing for heading is: 1.1 x font size



Lato is used for every other type of copy: longer bodies of text, paragraphs, sentences, buttons, links etc. Line height and paragraph spacing for body text is: 1.4 x font size

You can find both Montserrat and Lato font families on the Google Fonts page.

Our Colors

Primary colors

Primary colors







While embracing a much more colorful language in our brand communications, Outbase orange is only used for certain accent elements such as different graphical shapes, and never used as a background for text or font color.

Download our Style Guide to learn more about proper use of our colors and brand assets.

Download Style Guide

Accent colors










Primary gradient

Secondary gradient

Downloadable assets &