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We are a team of 200 experts, each constantly improving the world’s leading end-to-end prospecting platform so that businesses large and small can smash their sales targets.

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Our history

In 2015 Sopro developed a technology stack that would rewrite the rules of B2B prospecting. Since then, over a thousand businesses have revolutionised their lead generation and transformed revenues.

Outbase allows you to plug your business directly into this technology and power sales in ways you never thought possible. DIY prospecting for non-technical users.

Our powerful platform has been optimised and refined over the last six years, we’ve learned a million lessons and the sum of that knowledge is built into every facet of Outbase.

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Our platform

Outbase is built from experience and powered by data, analytics and automation. The interface is easy to use but underneath is a stunning platform that benchmarks and optimises every aspect of your prospecting.

The world’s best prospecting data makes it easy to discover and segment audiences. Experience driven recommendations fine-tune your outreach. Exclusive personalisation options make dynamic campaigns simple to build.

Outbase supports your business in unexpected ways. Our global team of expert prospecting email writers are on hand to boost campaign performance while our sales collateral station Deal Navigator helps your sales team reach their full potential faster than ever before.

Our team

In five years we have grown to well over 200..., with experts in tech, data science, artificial intelligence, compliance, copywriting, marketing, sales, and of course, prospecting itself.

This is the team that built Outbase, who have ensured that all of their collective knowledge has been poured into the platform.

Outbase is more than a SaaS platform, it’s a team of 200+ prospecting experts forming an extraordinary collection of passion, creativity and technical brilliance. And we’re here to help.

So when we say our team, we really mean your team.







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Our team

Why Outbase?

Outbase enables you to drive world-class prospecting campaigns you control.


deliverability as high as


contacts at your fingertips



Skyrocket your sales.

Powerful B2B sales engagement you control

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