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Outbase is sales engagement made simple. Everyone. Everywhere. Now.

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Intro to Outbase

What we are

Outbase leverages cutting-edge tech with a history of expertise in prospecting to create an easy-to-use self-service sales engagement platform.

Outbase allows you to plug your business directly into this technology and power sales in ways you never thought possible. DIY prospecting and advanced campaigns for non-technical users.

With locations across the globe: UK, USA and Macedonia. 

Who we are

Outbase is more than a SaaS platform, it’s a team. And who we are is just as important as what we are. 

As an entrepreneur and someone who’s helped grow startups, I know what’s needed in those crucial early stages.

We designed Outbase to be the most powerful B2B sales development platform, enabling businesses to build a steady flow of leads as they grow. From the newest startups to whole sales teams – Outbase is there to make sales simple.

When I started my previous businesses, I learned that email prospecting is by far the most effective form of sales outreach. But it became increasingly difficult to scale our outreach activity while still keeping that personal touch that people really respond to. Keeping on top of our outreach – tracking responses and following up with prospects – was impossible to do at scale, so we’d lose momentum. 

Rob Harlow

Chief Innovation Officer

I joined Outbase in 2021. I’m really passionate about building an amazing customer experience and helping our clients achieve their goals using our platform. 

I’m proud to have helped build a team that shares that passion. User feedback is at the heart of what we do and allows the whole Outbase team to improve the platform and make it work better for all of our customers.

Martina Zeroska

Customer Support Team Lead

At the heart of every great SaaS platform is a deep understanding of its customers. As Product Manager, I’m passionate about understanding our customers' needs and finding solutions that exceed their expectations.

Through innovation, iteration, and a relentless focus on delivering value, I believe we’ve created a platform that makes advanced campaigns possible for everyone. And it’s all thanks to our amazing team – constantly working together like a well-oiled machine.

Mirjana Davcheva

Product Manager

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Our data takes your prospecting campaigns to the next level.

We don't inflate our numbers.
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