Outbase has been designed to add ease, value and results to every aspect of your prospecting.

Monthly billing Annual billing Save 10%
Keeps 1 sales person busy
$ 263.25/Mo. $ 292.50/Mo.
Billed annually ($3,510)
  • Source 500 prospects
  • Send unlimited emails
  • 6 user accounts
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Keeps 1-2 salespeople busy
$ 526.50/Mo. $ 585.00/Mo.
Billed annually ($7,020)
  • Source 1,100 prospects
  • Send unlimited emails
  • 10 user accounts
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Keeps 3-5 salespeople busy
$ 1,053.00/Mo. $ 1,170.00/Mo.
Billed annually ($14,040)
  • Source 2,500 prospects
  • Send unlimited emails
  • 20 user accounts
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Keeps 6-12 salespeople busy
$ 2,106.00/Mo. $ 2,340.00/Mo.
Billed annually ($28,080)
  • Source 6,000 prospects
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Unlimited user accounts
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  • Source 100 prospects
  • 3 user accounts
Keep 10+ sales people busy

Outbase has been designed to support your existing sales strategy. Add ease, value, and results to your prospecting.

  • Dedicated support
  • Source unlimited prospects
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Unlimited user accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whichever tier you choose, you commit to a 3-month or 12-month subscription. 
  • 3-month plans are always paid monthly, after three months you will need to move to a 12-month plan.
  • 12-month plans allow you to pay as you go with monthly billing, or pay in advance (and save 10%) with annual billing. Once you have chosen your payment schedule, you cannot change it until the end of the 12-month period.
  • If you are on a 12-month plan, you can upgrade your plan at any point to a higher plan. You will commit to a new 12-month plan at this stage.
  • If you are on a 3-month plan, you will need to move to a 12-month plan at the end of the three months. You can choose any of the tiers at this point.
  • You cannot downgrade below your original plan. However, if you have upgraded since signing up, you can later revert to your original plan

Our enterprise clients have a wide variety of needs, so we create bespoke packages to suit each client. If one of our standard plans is not suitable, please call the team to discuss your needs.

We don’t get our data from any one source. You could probably do that. Instead, we focus on mapping the B2B universe, with accurate contact details and laser sharp targeting. We use a variety of sources, most of which are pulled live for you, so that the data is as fresh and accurate as possible.

Prospects are people who match the criteria for your target audience. You can source their contact details and create a prospecting campaign through the Outbase platform.

All pricing plans have a maximum number of prospects that you can source every month, based on the number of prospects you are likely to need to supply your sales team with leads. You can increase this limit by upgrading your plan.

You can prospect B2B professionals who have not previously consented to you contacting them only where they live in a territory that legally allows the use of email in this way.

It is your responsibility to ensure your emails are compliant with the local laws of the territories you are prospecting.

We accept debit cards and credit cards operated by Visa, Solo, Mastercard and American Express.

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