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Outbase for Sales Team Managers

Deliver a constant flow
of high quality leads

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Explore new markets

Easy set up, fast results

Easy-to-manage advanced campaigns set up in five minutes or less.

Keep it low cost

Ultimate sales optimization

Optimize your sales with Deal Navigator, Resource Hub and CRM integration.

More time for sales

Keep your sales team busy

Deliver a constant source of high-quality leads to your sales team.

Lead generation that scales as you need it

Get stared

Find and test new markets

Intelligent audience building. Discover and connect with prospects to deliver leads to your sales team with access to over 230m contacts. 

Best practice recommendations are built-in, and you can get help from our customer support tools and compliance hub. Campaign creation and management in minutes. You can even get your email templates written for you by expert prospecting writers.

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Image for offer a new marketing

Spend more time selling

With ultimate campaign optimization, spend more time selling. Deliver more high-quality leads straight to your sales team and stop wasting time scouring for sales opportunities. Proven campaign sequencing ensures a predictable flow of leads with a lower cost per acquisition.

CRM integration means new sales opportunities seamlessly join existing workflows.

Skyrocket your sales.

Take a tour of the platform and discover how Outbase has been built to find your ideal customers, build intellegent campaigns, and optimize your sales pipeline.

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Level up your sales processes
with Outbase tools

Deal Navigator lets you create a best practice sales playbook to optimize rep onboarding and increase team performance. Resource Hub stores all your collateral: every pitch deck, case study and FAQ at your fingertips, every time you need it.

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Deal Navigator lets you create structured journeys and define your sales pipeline from lead to close.

When sales is made simple

I have been thoroughly impressed with Outbase during my trial period. Not only is the product top-notch and exceeded my expectations, but the customer service I received was exceptional. The team was always available to assist me and went above and beyond to ensure I had a positive experience. I am thrilled to now be upgrading to the full package and can't wait to see what the future holds with Outbase.
Josh Carter testimonial
Josh Carter Business Development Manager Pebble
It’s been brilliant so far. We had fantastic onboarding support. With it being a new system, I expected to need to invest a lot of time, but I didn’t, which was amazing. It came together really quickly.
My favourite part is the chat support: I get a response almost instantly every time I pop over an enquiry.
We are really excited about launching our new campaigns and look forward to being looked after by Outbase. Because, well, it's brilliant.
Grant Sills testimonial
Grant Sills Head of Sales Frog Education
I have been using Outbase for the last 3 months and if like me you're looking to finesse your outreach processes you're in the right place. Outbase really have thought of everything to create a high functioning, automated, customisable system to maximise your chances of landing new client leads. Highly recommend!
Shamus Palmer testimonial
Shamus Palmer Founder Same Mind Group
Outbase is working really well for us - it has revolutionized my business with the number of leads I'm getting. I've acquired several new clients and had a number of jobs from each. And I'm currently in conversation with around twenty other companies about prospective work!
Tom Dalton testimonial
Tom Dalton Managing Director Brown Bear Audio
Simply knowing your ideal customer profile is never enough and we were constantly struggling with the huge challenge of identifying and successfully connecting with new clients. Outbase has enabled us to do just that. It's simple to use, and we now have all the tools to increase our sales very efficiently.
Kristan Polley testimonial
Kristan Polley Managing Director Examagram

Stop working operationally.
Start working strategically.