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You're a start-up. You've got too much to do. No time to do it. And you need sales. We get it.

Prospecting made simple, scalable
and smart

If you’re looking to smash it as a startup you need a consistent source of leads that doesn’t drain precious resources or time.

Outbase is a prospecting platform that does all this and more. It’s rapid to deploy, easy to use, and delivers a low cost per acquisition. Quickly find, test and explore new markets. Proven campaign building ensures a flow of leads landing directly in your sales funnel.

This is reliable lead generation that scales as you need it, helping you hit sales targets as you grow.

Find your ideal customers quickly

Easy to setup and rapid to deploy.

An all-in-one lead generation solution - no need for big marketing teams.

The ability to scale up and down as your business needs it.

Compliance built-in as standard.

Easily launch campaigns and test markets

Find and segment target audiences and test new markets.

Segment and queue audiences for targeted outreach.

Built-in best practice recommendations: Sending you AI-driven notifications to optimise your campaign.

Access our global network of dedicated writers and increase results by up to four times.

Optimise your sales process

Quickly create and automate marketing campaigns.

Provide a consistent flow of leads directly to inboxes or CRMs.

Maintaining all sales scripts, templates and documentation in our interactive Deal Navigator.

In-depth reporting comes with real-time industry benchmarks.

Sales. Done.

Start your free trial now to skyrocket your sales without all the stress.

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