Outbase: The best B2B data at your fingertips


Right now, there are thousands and thousands of people who need what your company sells. You just need to find them.

Become an Outbase customer and suddenly – BOOM! – you instantly have access to a massive searchable database of verified B2B contacts. You can easily pinpoint your ideal customers and build your own list of verified contacts in seconds.

Imagine them for a second. Thousands upon thousands of people, each one the perfect fit for your product or service.

There they are, struggling every day to fight a problem that your brand could easily fix. It’s the perfect solution to their ongoing pain, the roadmap to more sales, the key to a promotion, and a life of less stress.

Only they’ve never heard of your brand. They aren’t even considering you. And they’ve never seen a single piece of your marketing.

And then… PING! 

Your email lands in their inbox. 

Your brand is suddenly in a conversation with the perfect person, ready to make their lives easier and your sales team happier.

All because you became an Outbase customer, and accessed the world’s most powerful live prospect database. 

Outbase puts powerful B2B data at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at the details.

Over 230 million contacts

Full access to over 230 million contacts. That’s 230,000,000 potential customers.

Quickly search our database

Our lightning-fast database lets you quickly search millions of prospects and companies.

Zero in on your ideal prospects

An extensive range of filters allow you to drill down to your ideal prospects, connecting you with the people that matter to you.

Constantly updated 

Our data is constantly being updated with both live and bulk updates from numerous sources. 

Multiple sources

Our system uses various sources of information to ensure the data is as complete, fresh and accurate as possible. 

Near perfect deliverability

Our systems have sent over 32 million emails to date, with deliverability rates as high as 99%.

Continual improvement

Outbase is committed to continually improving our data accuracy and the frequency of updates.

Verified contact details

We verify all email addresses before your campaign begins.

Target specific audiences 

Segment audiences and export them to specific campaigns, allowing you to build different cohorts to maximise outreach and test your messaging.

Exclude and approve prospects

Exclude companies or individuals to avoid current customers and anyone else you don’t want to contact.

Compliance help

An extensive compliance centre helps give the advice you need to fulfil your compliance obligations.

In short, our database allows you to pinpoint your ideal customers, explore new markets, and deliver prospecting campaigns that start sales conversations with decision-makers. You keep your sales team highly motivated, and crucially, focused on selling. 

You can be confident that our data is extensive, up to date, accurate, and lightning-fast.

Outbase: Everyone, everywhere, now.

Written by:
Kit Smith SEO and Content Manager