How to write a prospecting email that gets results

September 13, 2022

Prospecting Content

You’ve come so far to be met by a blank screen. The cursor is blinking at you in a taunting, intimidating way, as if you should know what to write – it’s just a prospecting email, after all. You know what you want to say, but in this situation, it’s

How to improve email deliverability rates

September 5, 2022


There is a whole load more to emailing than merely typing out a message and pressing send. 17% of emails never even make it to the inbox – but why? It is all down to spam. No, not the tinned meat. We’re talking about unsolicited, mass-sent emails.  When you send

How to write subject lines that will improve your open rate

August 23, 2022


Let’s say you’ve just written the body of a prospecting email, and it’s your best yet. Time to pop the cork and celebrate? Well not quite yet… you still have the subject line to go.  The dreaded subject line, left until last, in the hopes that you’d have an email-subject-line-ephiany. 

4 best practices for sales teams 

August 17, 2022


🎵 So, you’ve got some responses from your prospecting campaign? That don’t impress me much… 🎵🎶 Actually, getting your first leads should be cause for celebration but it’s certainly not the end of the journey – in fact, it’s just the beginning. What you need now is the knowledge and

Our top 9 email prospecting mistakes to avoid

August 2, 2022

Prospecting Content

It won’t surprise you that we – an email prospecting company  – think good prospecting is one of the most effective strategies in gaining new clients.  It can drive leads much quicker than other marketing channels. It creates a reliable flow of leads. It scales well. It is cost-effective.  It

Personalised B2B email templates tailored to your audience

July 13, 2022


There are many ways to get leads and grow brand awareness these days. You can find leads through blog posts, paid social, even Tiktok. But most of the actual selling is done in meetings, whether that’s face-to-face, on the phone or via video call. The most direct way of securing

Outbase report reveals scale and impact of poor quality data

June 10, 2022


Successful prospecting involves many ingredients, like great email templates, clever personalisation, and automated follow up sequences. But if you don’t have accurate data then your results will still suffer no matter how good you are at writing outreach emails. With this in mind, the new report from Outbase makes for

The beginner’s guide to B2B sales prospecting

June 1, 2022


Fortunately, there are many different ways to drum up interest in your business. Unfortunately, you need to decide which of these different methods is best for you, then have the expertise and resource to carry them out, and it has to be reliable enough to deliver a return on your

Outbase: The best B2B data at your fingertips

May 18, 2022


Right now, there are thousands and thousands of people who need what your company sells. You just need to find them. Become an Outbase customer and suddenly – BOOM! – you instantly have access to a massive searchable database of verified B2B contacts. You can easily pinpoint your ideal customers

How to write the perfect prospecting email

May 10, 2022

Prospecting Content

So, you’ve spotted that perfect business or client for your brand. Your values align, they have a great USP, and you’re sure you know that a collaboration could spark fireworks. But how do you tell them that? At the core of B2B marketing, of finding new clients, is prospecting. This