Rethinking outreach: How targeted prospecting works across industries


You already know that Outbase is your go-to platform for maximizing B2B sales. But today, let’s break the mold and discuss how the very same prospecting strategies can be incredibly effective in less conventional areas. We’re talking non-profits, event promotions, and an intriguing one—recruitment.

Prospect like a pro, even for non-profits


Resource Optimization: Operating on a shoestring budget? No worries. With Outbase, you can conduct large-scale, personalized outreach without the need for a massive team.

Targeted Fundraising: Our analytics can help you slice and dice your audience based on engagement, making your follow-up campaigns laser-focused and more effective.

Regulatory Peace of Mind: Outbase’s GDPR compliance hub ensures you’re operating within the law, allowing you to focus on your mission, not on legal complexities.


Imagine you’re a non-profit focused on literacy. You could create segmented email campaigns aimed at educators, authors, and publishers, encouraging them to support your cause in ways most relevant to them—whether it’s by donating books, volunteering time, or sponsoring educational programs.

Boost your event attendance, be it online or offline


Audience Segmentation: Target key stakeholders, from industry leaders to interested newcomers, ensuring your event has the right mix of people.

CRM Integration: With HubSpot integration, you can smoothly transition attendees into your existing marketing or sales workflows.


Planning a conference on AI and machine learning? Use Outbase to target academics, industry professionals, and even students. Send them personalized invites discussing the specific sessions that would be of most interest to them.

Switch the narrative: Use targeted prospecting to match exceptional candidates with businesses


Precision Targeting: With Outbase’s advanced search features, find the businesses that need the unique talents of your standout candidates. Move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional job boards.

Customized Business Outreach: Use our platform to send highly personalized emails that showcase how your candidate’s skills align perfectly with a company’s needs, mission, and goals.

Effortless Workflow: Our HubSpot integration ensures that businesses you reach out to can be easily tracked and moved through your recruitment pipeline, making follow-ups a breeze.


Got an extraordinary software engineer specializing in cloud computing? Instead of hoping the right company sees your job board post, use Outbase to craft a personalized email based on the company’s needs, and make a connection that benefits both parties. This takes your recruitment strategy from hit-or-miss to consistently on target.

It’s more than just sales

At its core, prospecting is about finding the right people and connecting with them in a meaningful way. Whether it’s donors for your non-profit, attendees for your event, or even the ideal candidate for your next job opening, Outbase gives you the tools to succeed.

Intrigued by the limitless possibilities of targeted prospecting across various sectors? Why not experience the power of Outbase for yourself? We’re inviting you to take a free test drive of our platform and discover firsthand how Outbase can revolutionize your outreach efforts in ways you never thought possible.

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