Podcast alert 🚨: How to do sales prospecting for your B2B SaaS


Our co-founder, Rob Harlow, recently featured on Grow your B2B SaaS with Reditus, hosted by Joran Hofman. Why? To talk all things sales prospecting! 

We consider ourselves experts in prospecting, and we are always keen to share our knowledge. And as it’s been voted the number one channel for driving leads, it’s a hot topic!

Rob gives away all his fantastic insights and industry know-how in their latest podcast. But we don’t want to give everything away, so let’s just have a look at some sneak peeks. 

Rob speaks about what prospecting really is…

“Really prospecting has been around for as long as sales in its simplest form is just finding the right person in the right company that your product or service can solve a pain point for and reaching out to them, contacting them. Over the years, the approach to achieving this has become way more sophisticated.”

Rob Harlow

Sales prospecting is incredibly important for business success because it helps you find new customers and increase your sales. It allows you to discover untapped markets and connect with potential clients who may be interested in your products or services. By actively reaching out to these leads, you can build relationships and create opportunities for closing deals, giving your business a competitive edge. Our co-founder shares his thoughts on why you should care about sales prospecting.

“If you’re really going to scale sales and marketing, particularly at the start, you’re going to need to effectively deploy an outbound strategy. And again, it’s not something that’s new. The difference now is just that if you roll back seven years, sales rep will be doing this process manually.

They’d be spending a lot of time on it, they’d be making phone calls manually, sending emails. People take spending 60% of their time prospecting to spend 40% of pitching. Whereas the ability to have it in a much more automated fashion these days should really put it at the heart of your sales process.”

Rob Harlow

They also talk about:

  • The minimum requirements for prospecting at a company
  • Common mistakes companies make in Prospecting
  • Main takeaways from Sopro’s The State of Prospecting 2023 report
  • Effectiveness of the email as a market channel
  • Strategies for effective prospecting
  • Future trends in prospecting
  • And more…

But to find out more, you’ll have to give the full podcast a listen. 

Or listen via the Reditus website, where there’s also a full transcript available.

Written by:
Lily Ruaah Content Writer