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How has the great resignation impacted sales and prospecting data?

The struggle to keep marketing data accurate has been a key prospecting challenge over the last two years. Since early 2020, the pandemic, economic instability and “Great Resignation” have combined to impact the job market in an unprecedented way.

Outbase report
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Our report surveyed 500 marketers and business professionals to reveal the scale of the issue, the impact it has on marketing, and the ways marketers can fight back to ensure stale data doesn't affect their reputation and results.

You’ll learn:

  • How much of the average database is out of date
  • How engagement rates have been impacted in the last two years
  • How many emails now go undelivered and unread
  • How often databases are updated - and how often they should be
  • Tips and advice on accurate data, personalisation, engagement, and email content

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