Live webinar: May 31, 2023 10:30 am BST


How to prospect like a pro

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Rob Harlow

Chief Innovation Officer

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May 31, 2023 10:30 am BST


Outbase provides you with the data. Now we’ll be your mission control, guiding you on your journey to success.

Learn how to:

  • create an excellent, documented sales process that will help you understand your objectives and hit sales targets.
  • write short, conversational templates that’ll grab the attention and provide you with the information to truly understand your target audience.
  • use timing and monitoring to create a successful prospecting campaign. We’ll give you the tools to track your progress and stay on course.
  • write engaging follow-up emails, we’ll show you how to test and learn to improve your results.

We’ll assist you in developing a sales process that’s unparalleled and provide guidance on how to cultivate your prospects for success.

Get ready to skyrocket your sales!

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You’ll learn:

  • The basics of B2B Prospecting
  • Crafting a compelling company message
  • How to write engaging personalized email templates
  • Refine your campaign optimization
  • Develop a sophisticated follow-up strategy